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        產品展示 首頁 > 產品展示 > 蠕動泵軟管/傳輸軟管 > Pharmed BPT蠕動泵軟管 > AY242007圣戈班Pharmed BPT管AY242007

        產品名稱:圣戈班Pharmed BPT管AY242007



        產品特點:圣戈班Pharmed BPT管AY242007,常用作長壽命蠕動泵管,生物配料管(可熱焊接)等。耐溫范圍為-60~+135℃。PHARMED BPT NSF-51蠕動泵管為白色略黃管材,印標為黑色,PharMed BPT NSF-51 MAX TEMP. 275 DEG.F. 。符合FDA 、USP CLASS VI、NSF-51、ISO 10993生物適應性

        AY242007圣戈班Pharmed BPT管AY242007的詳細資料:


        Pharmed BPT蠕動泵管,常用作長壽命蠕動泵管,生物配料管(可熱焊接)等。耐溫范圍為-60~+135℃。

        PHARMED BPT NSF-51蠕動泵管為白色略黃管材,印標為黑色,PharMed BPT  NSF-51  MAX TEMP. 275 DEG.F. 。

        符合FDA 、USP CLASS VI、NSF-51、ISO 10993生物適應性等標準。

        PHARMED BPT蠕動泵管,壽命是一般硅膠管的30倍,氣密性為60倍。



        Pharmed BPT具有非常良好的耐一般化學藥品性,以及出色的耐酸、堿和氧化物性,總體強于硅膠管。該產品不透明且抗紫外線輻射,因此有助于保護敏感液體。

        Pharmed BPT軟管與硅膠管相比,煤氣和蒸汽的滲透性更低。是用于細胞培養、發酵、合成、分離、凈化及工藝監測和控制的理想產品。測試表明Pharmed BPT軟管可以用于敏感性細胞的培養。




        Pharmed BPT 圣戈班貨號 英制(內×外×壁,英寸) 公制(內×外×壁,毫米)
        AY242605 0.02×0.145×0.062 0.5×3.7×1.6
        AY242606 1/32×5/32×1/16 0.8×4×1.6
        AY242002 1/16×1/8×1/32 1.6×3.2×0.8
        AY242003 1/16×3/16×1/16 1.6×4.8×1.6
        AY242005 3/32×7/32×1/16 2.4×5.6×1.6
        AY242006 1/8×3/16×1/32 3.2×4.8×0.8
        AY242007 1/8×1/4×1/16 3.2×6.4×1.6
        AY242012 3/16×5/16×1/16 4.8×8×1.6
        AY242017 1/4×3/8×1/16 6.4×9.6×1.6
        AY242019 1/4×1/2×1/8 6.4×12.7×3.2
        AY242022 5/16×7/16×1/16 8×11.1×1.6
        AY242027 3/8×1/2×1/16 9.6×12.7×1.6
        AY242029 3/8×5/8×1/8 9.6×16×3.2
        AY242038 1/2×3/4×1/8 12.7×19.1×3.2
        AY242046 5/8×7/8×1/8 16×22.4×3.2
        AY242053 3/4×1×1/8 19.1×25.4×3.2


        Maintains Fluid Integrity During Fluid Transport 
        Pharmed BPT管

        Transporting biocompatible fluids through a peristaltic pump limits the risk of fluid

        contact with any portion of the pump itself. PharMed® BPT tubing has been formulated

        to withstand the rigors of peristaltic pumping action while providing the biocompatible

        fluid surface required in sensitive applications. With its superior flex life characteristics,

        PharMed® BPT tubing simplifies manufacturing processes by reducing production

        downtime due to pump tubing failure (see comparative Peristaltic Pump Tubing Life chart

        on back of page). The excellent wear properties of PharMed® BPT tubing also can lead to

        reduced erosion of the tubing interior walls, improving the overall efficiency of filtering

        systems.Pharmed BPT管

        Simplifies Cleaning and Sterilization

        PharMed® BPT tubing is ideal for use in clean-in-place and steam-in-place cleaning and

        sterilization systems. It is compatible with virtually all commercial cleaners and sanitizers

        and can be repeatedly autoclaved for up to five cycle times, without affecting overall

        service life. PharMed® BPT tubing also can be exposed to Cobalt 60 gamma radiation levels Pharmed BPT管

        of up to 5 MRads with minimal effect on physical properties.

        Superior to Silicone Tubing for Many Applications

        PharMed® BPT tubing is less permeable to gases and vapors than silicone tubing (see

        Permeability Coefficient Comparison chart on back of page). It is ideal for protecting

        sensitive cell culture, fermentation, synthesis, separation, purification, and process

        monitoring and control systems. PharMed® BPT tubing has very good general chemical

        resistance and excellent acid, alkali and oxidation resistance. Opaque to visible and

        UV light, PharMed® BPT tubing will help to protect sensitive fluids. Continuous service

        temperature range is -60°F (-51°C) to 275°F (135°C).

        Facilitates the Validation Process

        PharMed® BPT tubing complies fully with the requirements of the USP Class VI criteria and

        is non-toxic, non-hemolytic and non-pyrogenic. In addition, PharMed® BPT tubing meets

        FDA 21 CFR Part 177.2600 criteria for food contact. PharMed® BPT tubing also complies with

        the ISO 10993 guidelines for contact with blood (or other body fluids and tissue) for up

        to 30 days as listed in the FDA GP-95. PharMed® BPT tubing has a Master File with the

        U.S. Food and Drug Administration.


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